graphic designer & photo designer
Working Experience
3 years
new communication, kiel -
advertising agency
Happy Customers

I am always looking for some new design adventures. My mission is to create authentic & meaningful designs, which are connecting to the world.

i made my passion to my profession! its awesome whats come to life when u love what u do!

Combine strategy and creativity to create a meaningful product.

In order to create target group-oriented and user-friendly products, as well as high-quality designs with a wow effect, an elaborate strategy is the foundation. During my apreanticeships as a photo designer and graphic designer, I worked on small and large projects and developed my own strategy.

The process during a projecct, to follow the steps and seeing what comes to life is interesting to watch. To develop a fitting strategy and to play around with the creativity to create diffrent design approaches is so fun. That's why i turned my passion into a job.


Freetime activitys

In my freetime i am planing and realising my own projects. I love to set up a plan, to work on it and get along to see the finl product. This is my way to realise my own creative projects. From traveling, skating and taking a walk in the nature to produce music, play Sets and oranize eents, everything where i can be fully creative and can create something is a great thing to do.

Creating is like catching waves , the process brings joy and when u got up and cruisin down the line, is there no less then love - so, never stop creating !